Kitchen Remodel: Cabinet Refresh

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It Starts with an Idea….Refresh Cabinets!

The kitchen remodel idea has been in the works for about a year.

I’ve lived in my home for nine years, and frankly, tired of the builder grade cabinets.

Not only was the oak cabinets overtired, I also wanted something else besides door cabinets!  Bottom door cabinets are inefficient and cumbersome to store items because the items in the back are hard to get. At least for me. Perhaps someone out there uses door cabinets efficiently, but that is not me!

Standard Oak Builder Grade
We are the 1990’s!

As a result, in comes Ikea.  I love their new Sektion line.  I love the drawer within drawers and the cabinets are a style I like. In addition, affordable!

The decision to replace the lower cabinets and paint the upper cabinets was the first step.  I also had to decide what the new countertop surface would be.

Enter concrete.  Solid surface, durable, and affordable–seems like an affordable option and straightforward to install.

Seem like it is easy enough, right?

The plan:

  • Measure, measure, measure again (cabinets, countertop square footage)
  • Order cabinets
  • Order cement, forms, finishing products
  • Block out the X number of weekends
    • Install cabinets
    • Pour cement
    • Finish cement
  • Enjoy!

Well, that’s how it went….kinda.

Until the next time,

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