Kitchen Remodel: Ikea Cabinet Layout and Order

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The Ikea Kitchen Planner

As I stated in my prior post, the thought of remodeling my kitchen has been in the back of my mind for about a year.  During the Christmas holidays, I started using the Ikea Kitchen Planner to design the layout.  It’s fairly easy to use if you ignore the sometimes annoying challenges of getting the cabinet selection in the right space. Overall, the tool is great for the cost (zero)!

Ikea provides on-site kitchen planning services, but I opted not to go this route since the layout remains the same and it is an hour’s drive from my home. Not only to minimize drive time, but it seems that I spend way more than anticipated every time I go!

To determine what cabinets I would need, I simply measured the cabinet dimension.  One thing to remember is Ikea cabinets are frame less and my existing cabinets are framed. This means Ikea cabinets are full access because the full cabinet space can be utilized while framed cabinets have a frame around the front.

Drawers in frameless cabinets butt all the way up to the edge.  No wasted space!
Frameless Cabinet–the drawer butts up to the cabinet!


Framed upper cabinets have an edge around the front.  My upper cabinets are framed.
The framed upper cabinets–will remain unless I change my mind!

It’s heaven –lots of drawer space in the design!

Ordering from Ikea

The first quarter of the year is when Ikea has their 20% Family Sale on Kitchens.  I recommend making an appointment or going to the store at opening during the week to place your order so the wait time is minimal. It’s a busy place, regardless. Also, check your local store because they may open early for kitchen appointments.

Ordering is painless! The Kitchen Specialist pulled up the diagram lay out I did at home. He reviewed each cabinet to ensure that I had all the needed items. I think I did a pretty good job as I only forgot a few items–toe kicks and sink hardware.

In addition, the Specialist asked about counter tops. With concrete counter tops, additional brackets are available to help raise the top height to allow the drawers to clear the top. I am grateful for the second set of eyes.  Before he closed the ticket, he called a third set of eyes to sign off on his verification.  I appreciate the third set of eyes!

With the 20% discount, all the lower cabinets were just over $3,000.  For nine cabinets and the gazillion pieces of hardware, I think it was a good deal.

The price included the $149 delivery fee.  I was glad to pay the fee.  While Ikea perfected flat packs, I am not interested in loading and unloading all those boxes more than once!   More importantly, if there is damage during the transit, it’s not on me!

The order arrived two weeks later. Although it is intimidating to review the delivery, it is a good idea to make sure and check each item.  My receipt stated I had two days to report discrepancies, however everything in my order was accounted for, so no problem there!

Everything stopped at that point; the boxes set in the garage “looking at me” every time I passed by.  When will this project go into the next step?

It does, but a lot of things happen during that time.

Until the next time,

~Always take the safest path, never take shortcuts.



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