Kitchen Remodel: Cabinet Demolition

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Starting the Kitchen Cabinet Demolition: The First “Real” Step

The Many Boxes of Ikea were in the garage for about six weeks.

Any kitchen remodel is a very challenging project and I want to ensure I had the right mental and physical mindset to take on a project with this size and scope. My stair project took longer than anticipated–including one week of vacation from my “daytime” job. I considered various timing options.

The solution was losing my daytime job.

My higher power heard me, eh?

I was lost my job on Monday.  First of all,  I took the rest of the week off to grieve. Vacillating between calm and freaking out is not effective for any plan.

During that time, I saw an opportunity to start the kitchen remodel project. Time, bandwidth and supplies are now readily available. Seems like there is no time like the present!

Ready, Set, GO!

Why not start the demo?

My son kicked off the project. He began with the kitchen island demo. Teenagers (at least mine) are always happy to take things apart.  His only instructions:

  • Be safe;
  • Keep the cabinets intact for reuse for the later basement bar rebuild;
  • Be safe.

As a result of careful demolition, only one cabinet was lost.  The cabinet is not going to be reused in a future project. Great job, Alex!

Next, I removed the other cabinets. This part is scary; I would lose my kitchen.  As a result of my decision, would I become a nightmare renovation story?

Basic tools:

  • Pry bar
  • Hammer
  • Drill/Impact Drill
  • Jig Saw

I really appreciate my Dewalt 20V MAX tools–the brush-less drill and impact combo kit.  Cordless tools are convenient; having two batteries, one could be on the charger ready to go while the other was in use. Even with three tools (using the Dewalt 20V MAX Li-Ion Jig Saw) to cut down panels is handy. No cords for tripping hazards!

Finally, the old cabinets are gone!

The kitchen cabinets are out!
The Cabinets are Out!

I’m without cabinets and sink, however, my dishwasher and stove are working so I can at least cook.

Until the next time,

~Always take the safest path, never take shortcuts.




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