Kitchen Remodel: Ikea Cabinet Assembly and Install

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Demo Work

I built the new cabinets after the demo work.  I had no space to build and store the new cabinets! To deal with the space issue, the old cabinets were removed then the Sektion suspension rails hung on the wall. The rails allow the cabinets to hang on the wall and weight is not on the legs. A critical consideration given the weight of concrete countertops.

Installation: Wall Cabinets

Installation begins by measuring, cutting,  and mounting the rail 32 3/16″ from the highest location in the kitchen. The rail must be level for level cabinets. Anchor the rail every twelve inches. Draw the cabinet layout on the wall to ensure right fit and layout!

The most effective tools in this segment was a drill and the FIXA 17-piece tool set.  The great thing about Ikea toolkits is that everything is “Ikea standard” so the drill bits and screwdriver bits are the right size. Pressing the easy button–and at $7.99, is a bargain!

The cabinet assembly is very simple and the details are fairly clear.  Please look through the directions to find the format of assembly that applies to your setup.  This is important because you may put the cabinet together in a way that does not apply!

Cabinet installation in limited space
Working in limited space

Starting in the corner, I assembled and hung each cabinet. Open box, assemble cabinet, hang on wall.  Wash, rinse, repeat. I hung all of the cabinets with no assistance except for the base-corner cabinet. My son helped me hang the corner cabinet.

Cabinet instructions are to install the feet on the cabinet boxes and have two people lift the cabinet in place to avoid breaking the plastic feet because the feet are only really used for the toe kicks. Hanging the cabinets first and then install and fit the feet to the floor is an alternative method. No broken legs and one person installation!

Installation:  Kitchen Island

The next step: install the island. Secure the cabinets to the floor for safety! Ikea has Sektion Support Brackets for kitchen islands. Unfortunately, I was short brackets.  As a result of the shortage,  I made a few using left over framing lumber and L-brackets.

Lastly, I installed the drawers–I wanted a sneek peek!

Finally finished–cabinets and drawers assembled and installed!

Cabinets and drawers installed!
Cabinets and drawers installed!

My DIY kitchen remodel considers life because it is a working kitchen. As a result, I placed the Formica top on the new cabinets in order to have a little space to cook.  Because the dishwasher still installed and working I can cook and clean. It’s inconvenient, but less expensive than take out!

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