Kitchen Remodel: Durock Installation

At this stage, I am ever so excited for this segment. The journey to concrete countertops is a fast-coming reality!

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Durock Installation

With the kitchen cabinets are installed, it is time to install the Durock and edge forms!  As a result of Ikea’s frameless cabinets, I have to have 5/8″ substrate thickness when using Concrete Countertop Solutions cast in place forms.

To address this situation, I attached 1/8″ plywood strips around the cabinet edges. I used scrap plywood and attached with silicone.  I used silicone to attach 1/2″ thick Durock to the plywood strips. I opted for silicone because the concrete counter top is attached but can be removed if I ever change my mind.

I selected Durock as my substrate because it is easy to work with. Durock is easy to install and concrete bonds well for a solid foundation. To use Durock, measure the countertop, then mark the Durock.  Measure twice, then score with a utility knife on both sides. Apply pressure on the scored edge to snap. If the counter top requires more than one piece, simply butt the joints together. I opted to cement tape and grout the joint to insure no leak-through. You can see from the image below the jointed seams.

Durock installation with taped seams
Durock installation with jointed seams

As you can see, this is a working kitchen so the appliances are in place.  The only item that is missing is the sink. I miss my kitchen sink!

No major issues, for sure!

All Durock installed on base cabinets and looking good!
All the Durock installed. Looks great so far!

Lastly, due to life struggles in the last year, I wrote affirmations on the island slab of Durock. Not quite the same as my name in the cement, but lots of wishes that will be there for the test of time.  Pretty cool, I think.

Affirmations and wishes written on the Durock
Affirmations and wishes!

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