About Me

Mom, check. Graduate school, check. Marriage, check. Divorce, check.

Motorcyclist, check. Roller derby queen, check. Career, check. Career change…in progress.

In progress, I decided it was a great time to tackle projects that never seemed to find time in a career woman’s busy schedule.  The commute to work was over two hours daily and that was on top of a 10-hour work day!

How/when…is there time to be an engaged mom and do the things that families do? Careers are great–rewarding, social, and fun–but we work for our families, not the other way around.

Life has had many twists and turns and once again, I find myself looking at life that is evolving. It’s easy to get in a rut, and while change is hard, I look back with gratitude and appreciation in the struggle because….the result is more spectacular than imagined!

I’ve never done major renovations in my home and during this time of change, it’s been therapy.  Lots of learning experiences as well.  My hope is to share in the mistakes (to avoid) and journey (spectacular results)!