I love power tools! My first major power tool was the Dewalt Compound Miter Saw. Since I was going through a divorce and the money was in Christmas savings I suddenly had money for tools!

The other major power tool is the Bosch table saw.

With those two, I was well on my way of this marvelous journey of home renovation. It is well-needed therapy–a divorce on the horizon and lots of work drama.  Not a fun place to be.

Living in a construction zone missing vital parts of my home isfun place to be!  Truth be told, seeing the result of hard work gives satisfaction that the corporate office job does not.

I’ve also discovered that most everything that gets messed up can be fixed.

I can do that!

Thanks for checking me out and I am grateful for you being here!  The world wide web brings all of us together to positively support and love each other.

Most importantly, be safe.  Always!

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